July 20, 2017 Ed Allen and Sammi with daughter and her family.

June 29, 2017 Phyllis Marti's 1960 Wedding photo. Al Nieman and Jim England get together for lunch.

November 11. 2016 Charolette Brewer Nybakken visited Linda Irick Pennoer on recent trip to Oklahoma. "How we look today"

Please feel free to submit any pictures you would like to have posted on our web site or that you feel would be a good addition to our Memory Book.  We would really like to see a lot of photos taken during our high school years if you have them!   If you have pictures from previous reunions, those would also be wonderful to have - both on the site and in the memory book! 

Holiday Inn Party 08-25-2012 Long Beach, CA

Photos by Eddie Allen

IHS Picinic 06-20-2012 Mile Square Park Fountain Valley, CA

1948 - KINDERGARTEN   Centinela Elementary  (Photo courtesy of Jim Skelton)


A few of the photos in this album were found on the Internet - but there are many, very special pictures that were submitted by classmates!

Also see "More Blast from the Past"!





Eddie Allen had each page of senior pictures from our yearbook scanned and then sent them to me so I could add them to our website - AND include them in the Memory Book that will be available for sale after the reunion event.  (That book is definitely growing!!)  There are a couple of other photos from the yearbook here as well.  Enjoy - and remember to say a big THANK YOU to him when you see Eddie at the reunion!!


The photos in this album were all taken by Eddie Allen or Jim and Diane Tollefson.  The campus still looks great, doesn't it!!

Charlene and I have been friends for over 50 years.  This was taken in December of 2008 - My husband Ed, me (Jackie John


Please upload a picture or two of yourself and/or your family and friends to this album.  Just as a rule of thumb, and in order to keep the size of this album somewhat manageable, it will probably be best if we limit the number of personal photos in this album to five or so per classmate. 
Paul and Alyce (Krech) Cooke - Taken at our 2000 Reunion


There is a limit of 100 photos per album, so this is a continuation of the "A BLAST FROM THE PAST" album! 

There are some wonderful photos here but names were not on the backside of them so I had to really search my memory for names - and we all know how dangerous THAT can be at this point in our lives.  So, for those of you I did not recognize, please accept my apologies - and drop me a note and tell me who you are.  Thanks!  Jackie
55 Reunion Com. August 2015 Dinah's Westchester


Some photos taken by Eddie Allen at the reunion committee meetings held over the past many months.   The first meeting was held in May of 2009 - and there have been four more since then.  And there will be more in the coming months.  We all owe a big debt of gratitude to all of these people who are working hard to make our reunion very, very special.
Relatives from Wisconsin visiting in California c. 1948.  Diane Deal in her outfit that her mother made for herâ

Us Before and After 1960 IHS

Photos of us before Inglewood High School and after Inglewood High School